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Powder coating

Our company has a powder coating studio for electrostatic powder coating: steel and aluminum elements.

Powder coating is a technology based on spreading paint in powder form on metal elements with electrostatic spray technique. Injection of paint is supported by compressed air. Paint is spread directly on a surface without using any primers. Charged particles of paint stick to the surface of coated object. Then paint is hardened in high temperature (about 200 °C).
This technology allows to get smooth surface with different degree of gloss without bruises, ruffles, ruptures or bubbles. It also has features to reduce effects of external factors such as corrosion, sunlight and UV, it's characterized by high mechanical resistance. Thermal resistance is about 100 °C. With wide range of colors (RAL palette) and various surface structure besides protective function it could have decorative character.

Used solutions allow to precise painting both small and large elements with maximal size 4000mm x 1200mm x 1500mm (length x width x height).

Powder coating is a environment friendly technology and easy in use. Powder paints are non-flammable, safe for people and environment. In painting process we don't use toxic solvents. Paint is spread once and thickness of obtained layer is comparable with three layers of standard paint. In surface hardening process there is no toxic substances emission to the atmosphere.

Powder coating very successfully displaces wet painting in every place, where quality, durability and resistance on weather conditions is important.

This technology is used for covering:
  • Bicycles frames
  • Warehouse shelves
  • Shopping shelves
  • Profiles
  • Sheets
  • Radiators
  • Drain pipes
  • Fences
  • Furniture's elements
  • Garden furniture