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Advertising and illuminated panels

Illuminated advertising panels are nowadays a standard and are the most used form of advertisement. Panels are quite inexpensive form of advertisement (depends on its size), which is more visible than traditional banners or inscriptions from advertising foil. We use panels inside and outside. They are visible during a day and night very well.

Large panels

Large panels require special technologies and proper materials. Very often they are constructed from separate parts and then connected. For front stretching we use aluminum frames systems mounted on constructions. On the base frame, by special clips, a canvas with graphics is stretched. Obtained in this way advertising tile is very durable and weather resistant, provides very good diffusion of light.

Simple illuminated panels - simple one-sided and two-sided

Simple illuminated panels shining one-sided or two-sided. They are made as panels for the wall on mounting constructions or as semaphores. Technology which is recommended for this type of panels uses aluminum profiles and Plexiglas as a illuminating part with graphics from translucent foil. Illuminated with fluorescent light.

Milled panels

Milled illuminated panels are very esthetic advertising element. Milling a part of graphics is made in aluminum sheet, which is blocking element. Then, with different technologies, graphical elements from Plexiglas are put on panel. Illumination with LED or fluorescent light.