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Welcome to our site!

The MBS company exists since 1991. From the beginning activity of the firm is related with production of advertisements. Many years of experience allows us to make our work professionally. Since several years we produce on demand customers outside Polish borders - mostly on Scandinavian market.
We make small, large and super large ads, external and internal:
  • Graphics from advertising foil
  • Advertising coffers
  • Large luminous surfaces
  • Three-dimensional letters and signs
  • Detached advertising pylons
  • Luminous signboards
  • Advertising boards

We also offer:
  • Milling: aluminum, Plexiglas, pcv, dibond
  • engraving
  • powder painting

Our offer is directed to large and small companies and advertising agencies which are looking for solid subcontractor. Every order is treated individually depending on customer's needs.

We invite you to our gallery, where you can see advertisements created by MBS company.