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Letters and three-dimensional signs

One of the most interesting forms of light advertisement. Extremely impressive. In a unique manner, shows a company's prestige. We create three-dimensional letters of aluminum, Plexiglas, PCV. Our experience let us make almost every, even the most complicated, element of graphics or logotype. We paint letters with powder, illumination is made of LED modules, fluorescents or neon.

Advertising and illuminated panels

Illuminated advertising panels are nowadays a standard and are the most used form of advertisement. Panels are quite inexpensive form of advertisement (depends on its size), which is more visible than traditional banners or inscriptions from advertising foil. We use panels inside and outside. They are visible during a day and night very well.

Powder coating

Our company has a powder coating studio for electrostatic powder coating: steel and aluminum elements.

Powder coating is a technology based on spreading paint in powder form on metal elements with electrostatic spray technique. Injection of paint is supported by compressed air. Paint is spread directly on a surface without using any primers. Charged particles of paint stick to the surface of coated object. Then paint is hardened in high temperature (about 200 °C).

Milling and cutting

Milling plotter BLACKBRD 1520

Milling - engraving plotter used by our company was projected exactly for milling, engraving and cutting in such materials as: Plexiglas, PCV, dibond and aluminum.

Plotter's workspace: 1500 x 2000 mm
  • We can mill elements with length more than 2000mm, but no wider than 1500mm
  • milling Plexiglas, PCV - thickness no more than 20 mm
  • milling aluminum - thickness no more than 20 mm

Graphics from self-adhesive foil

Graphics from self-adhesive foil is widely used in advertising. This is one of the cheapest forms of presentation.

Prepared vector graphics can be transferred with colorful self-adhesive foil on any object.

Most is used for wrapping:
  • Cars
  • Shop-windows
  • Advertising boards and banners
  • Illuminated advertisements